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Late Grandmaster Yamaguchi Gogen 

Shihan Chris was instructed by the late Grandmaster Yamaguchi Gogen in Japan immersing himself fully in the training, culture and spirit of the Honbu dojo for several years; learning the Japanese language and becoming a Shintoist. Shihan Chris Rowen is the chief instructor of the Bunbukan Institute of Classical Japanese Budo Culture. 
His studies led him to Okinawa where he studied Kobudo under the late master Akamine Etsuke and he is now in his fourth decade of martial arts training and teaching, and the third decade of practising Kata Tensho.  

Shihan Chris Rowen is the chief instructor of the Bunbakan Institute of Classical Japanese Budo Culture, which has branches around the world including England, Mauritus, France, Germany, Wales and America. A highly regarded and sought after instructer, Shihan Chris Rowen is also a columnist whose work has featured in both the national and international press, and he has acted as a consultant on television, film and radio.

 After receiving his teachers’ licence, Chris Rowen returned to England in 1984. His first dojo, the East West centre in London’s Old Street, soon became well known as a place of excellent karate. He next opened the London Goju Ryu Karate Centre at Curtain Road, near London’s Liverpool Street, again a mecca for anyone wishing to learn traditional Goju Ryu Karatedo.


Following his teachers’ example, Chris Rowen opened his doors to anyone wishing to train, regardless of system or style, and even allowed other clubs to use the dojo to practice their arts. The dojo name was changed to the Bunbukan, in order to unite all martial arts and artist’s, not just Goju Ryu Karatedo.

Chris Rowen was awarded his Shihan Menjo (master teachers licence) in 1997 and his Nanadan (7th Dan) in 2007.

Chris is a quiet and private man. His spiritual life is integrated into everything he does, so he’s not given to promoting himself or demonstrating his amazing martial skill until now... "Steve Rowe Chairman Shikon Martial Arts International 7th Dan"